Monday, May 07, 2007

Yes, Virginia, There is an Author ... He Does Exist

When a year passes between posts on a blog, you have to wonder what the heck happened to the blog's author to not post for so long. Well, in the case of this author, life happened (as it does to many of us) such that writing to a blog (that I am fairly certain nobody reads but the author) seemed like a trivial exercise (or an exercise in futility).

If you have actually read this blog before now and/or happen to be reading this blog for the first time, congratulations on finding it and/or a big thanks for returning (a return visitor deserves special recognition). If historical performance is indicative of future performance, don't expect a whole lot new here for a while (again). I have been writing semi-regularly via The Sporting News ( at my personal blog there (conveniently titled Ramblings of Rentz: Sports Journal - notice the similarity?). Since that website gets far more traffic than my own Clubhouse Connection ever will, I figure posting there is my best option to help redirect some traffic over to my website (and potentially to my blogs in the process). This is the blog I want to use to showcase my eventual writing samples, unless I go a different route (which I might) and create a blog just for creative writing by myself and/or my wife.

If anyone reads this blog entry, I ask you to comment just so that I know you're there. I want to know what you want to read ... I have various interests (not just sports, as previous posts have indicated) for which I would be willing to opine (provide my opinions), so respond so that I know you truly care. With no comments, I assume there simply are no readers. Heck, even comment here if you read something on one of the other blogs before finding yourself here. Just a simple "hello" and some topics for thought ... nothing more is needed.

Thanks for reading.