Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Day in the Life ... (subtitled: Where Have I Been Lately?)

This blog deserves an update. Not a lengthy commentary of any particular note, but something to show I do still care about my online presence and that occasionally people will read about it.

I still write online, but I've come to realize the value and significance of making a statement through micro-blogging (innovated most profoundly by Twitter) that simply cannot be captured strictly in this longer format I have been using for years.  That's not to say I've abandoned writing, and, if by some chance you found your way here and are reading this very comment, I have other places where my writing is still more prolific (or, at the very least, more active).

As of this end of April 2013, the best place to see my "typical" writing / commentary is honestly right here:
http://twitter.com/jdrentz - My Twitter account, linked to @JDRentz

It's not all one topic. It's sporadic and jumpy. However, I do write something to the account almost daily and oftentimes more than once a day.  I interact, I engage ... I question, I argue.  If you haven't tried the platform, you might just find you like it.

Along with the Twitter engagement, my regular writing is appearing at Blog Red Machine, a sports blog website in the FanSided network that is specifically geared for topics pertaining to the Cincinnati Reds.  A list of my specific articles can be found here, or by searching under my author name at the website.

I haven't forgotten about writing here by any means, but I do need to remind myself to share more than once every year to couple of years and recapture at least some semblance of a time when people visited here more frequently.  I make no guarantees, but we shall see together.