Thursday, February 18, 2010

Re: Cincinnati in Vanity Fair article ("A.A. Gill Responds to Cincinnati")

I guess I was "suckered" into crafting a response to this Vanity Fair garbage, but, if you check out the link above, you can see my personal comment on this attempt at sarcasm and humor from columnist A.A. Gill (a Scottish "critic" without merit).

"Why take the time to respond to an insipid piece of drivel once again making light of our "country bumpkin" status here in the Midwest? I guess this response might tell you how I feel ...

Since A.A. Gill is a pompous ass, he might as well flaunt his egotistical status for all the world to see. You see, Mr. Gill, your Vanity Fair "full and honest dialogue" is more proof of East Coast bias and the foolhardy belief that you're better than I am. Your education is better, your upbringing is better, and your fine New York City attitude is far superior to what my Midwestern background could EVER provide me. You claim to like "sarcasm" in the sardonic sense of taking a "loving look" at my city of residence ... yet, like so many other unintelligible writers for meaningless publications, you mistake wit for pomposity.

You, Mr. Gill, don't really deserve a response because, as is clear from the multiple responses provided before my own, you are a craver of attention. Your ego is driven by your sense of self-righteousness, and, simply put, I feel sorry for you more than needing to defend my own city.

NYC is NOT better than Cincinnati. You and others may think it is ... but maybe making the Forbes list of "Most Miserable" cities does make you superior in every way. NYC made #16 on the list of the Top 20 (where the Ohio city that did make #1 was Cleveland, not Cincinnati). Oh wait, did I forget that Chicago (#10) made the list, too? That's right, two major cities on the list ... but, interestingly, Cincinnati was nowhere to be found. We must not be nearly miserable enough to warrant inclusion. There's always next year!"

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