Sunday, March 26, 2006

Procrastination and Excuses

Isn't procrastination such an awful thing? I mean, if it wasn't for procrastination, I would have this blog updated with great information just about every day. Of course, I don't think that anybody is actually reading it (yet ... although my path to world domination is just beginning ;-).

I am hoping to build a "fan" base with my sports blogs over the course of the next few months, particularly the NASCAR blog ( and the MLB / Cincinnati Reds blog ( The NASCAR writing is getting most of my attention so far (since the season started in February and I started writing at the beginning of March). The baseball writing won't be far behind, since I made it a goal to comment after every game last season (which is a lot of writing in a 162-game schedule), but, depending on where the Reds go this season (which just might be into the toilet after the first few months), I tend to start covering the series moreso than the individual games when my interest wanes in the team.

I have debated having blogs on each of my individual interests, but then I realized that by diluting my product into too many separate streams makes sense if readers only care about one stream content and not the others. NASCAR is a general theme with a specific fan base that probably won't care much about baseball and certainly a smaller segment with interest in the Cincinnati Reds. The MLB population will have interest in baseball-themed writing, but baseball writers are so prolific (betwen newspaper and website beat writers) that my small niche is targeted mostly as a means to capture my perspective (as a long-time fan of the game) as it applies to baseball in general and to my favorite team. Some people may read about it as Reds' fans but not much beyond that, I would surmise.

This blog is my "catch-all" column of sorts, because I hope to capture here what interests me in the world beyond sports, beyond conventional writing boundaries, and beyond my own limitations. I have thoughts that come into and go out of my mind on a seemingly endless basis. If I put down on paper (or entered electronically) everything that came to my mind, I would be writing constantly. I am, without any doubt, a philospher at heart with thoughts that range from the practical, current reality (e.g. that we are a country in socio-economic turmoil without clear future plans to stabilize ourselves from future employment variability and uncertainty of war) to the spiritual / surreal (e.g. my upbringing pushes me towards a belief system of Christianity and the existence of an after-life ... but what if there is nothing beyond the existence we experience in the here and now and life is fleeting with every second of our being).

It is an interesting statement on myself and on the society at large that I would choose to write more in my sports journal(s) so far than to look inward and write more about my world that truly matters. Sports are competition, an extension of vicariously living the lives of strangers we don't know participating in events we never will. Sports are also entertainment, representative of celebrity and fame that only a select few in our societies, other than movie, television, and music stars, experience.

In some way, all of us have some degree of hope to be famous for something in our lives, some of us more than others. We might want to be famous for doing something to better humanity (like Nobel prize-winning scientists who create vaccines or cures for illnesses) or simply for having carried out our life's occupation (like being successful in business, making extraordinary amounts of money, and/or being a notable "expert" in our field(s)). If greatness cannot be imagined, it really can never be achieved. Thinking big is the first step in making it a future reality. If our imagination limits us only to what is now, then we do not challenge ourselves to find what is to be or what could possibly be.

As I said already, I could write, and write, and write some more. I would deprive myself of sleep in so doing, so with that thought, I will call it a night.

I hope to reconnect with more writing here in my "introspective" series in the near future, but, in case I don't, feel free to check out the other writings of mine, which are sure to give more insight about me anyway.

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